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Pixelstick creative lens pack

Pixelstick creative lens pack

Popular culture is awash these days with characters with added extras. Light painting is a technique you can use to create fascinating images. To do it you need to photograph at night, use long exposure, and have a light source. You can divide light painting into two types, those that you do in front of the camera, and those you do with the camera. In many cases the first time you do any light painting it will be to spell your name using sparklers or a flashlight. The next step if you became more serious would usually be making light orbsand other light painting shapes with things like fairy lights. Now there is the pixelstick, which makes light painting both easier to do, and more sophisticated. The pixelstick is the result of the inevitable evolution of light painting, and the advancement of technology. The pixelstick is a product designed and produced by bitbanger labsfollowing a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The neat thing about the pixelstick is that you can program it to create any light pattern you want, in fact, you can even use it to create light painted pictures. The pixelstick comes with a controller that you can use to change the light painting design. The pixelstick at full length is great for light painting, but not so good for traveling. But, the length is still too long for hand luggage on a plane, which presents a problem if you plan on using it in more exotic locales. The essential information about the pixelstick and what comes with it are:. The LED lights come enclosed in a light-weight metal case which protects them from any damage. A lot of people have fun using sparklers to create light paintings. These look nice, but the pixelstick takes it to the next level. There are many different types of light sources, the pixelstick is just one example. The main thing is to keep it simple, with the light flowing through the scene. The pixelstick is really good for abstract work. The preset light patterns that come with the stick will help get you going quickly. The most effective light paintings happen when things are kept simple.

Pixelstick image packs

Add-ons Add-ons Wireless Remote Trigger This excellent little piece of hardware allows you to fire pixelstick remotely, which lets a second person fire pixelstick from across the room, or allows a solo pixelstick user to keep both hands on the handle and not reach up the the Controller to press the fire button. A great upgrade that is especially useful when performing more involved animations that require more precise speed and timing. Two additional lenses for pixelstick. The Rounded Milky lens provides the most diffusion, best viewing angle, and smoothest visual transitions between colors. All three lenses serve different purposes, and all are great tools for the arsenal. Wireless Remote Trigger This excellent little piece of hardware allows you to fire pixelstick remotely, which lets a second person fire pixelstick from across the room, or allows a solo pixelstick user to keep both hands on the handle and not reach up the the Controller to press the fire button. Lens Variety Pack Two additional lenses for pixelstick.

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The short answer is that we use stock photos on some listings to save us time and to save you money. The longer answer is that we love to take photos of each and every lens, camera, and accessory, but doing so takes a lot of time and makes it difficult to get everything listed. So, we decided to compromise: take gorgeous photos of some things and charge a little more for them, and use stock photos for other items and charge a little less for those, all else equal. The items listed here were tested thoroughly by our trained technicians. Please visit one of our Exposed! If none are currently available, by all means, contact us. All items used unless otherwise noted This product is not currently available for purchase. Want new stock alerts for this product? Log in to sign up for emails when more come in. Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a milky rounded diffuser for buttery smooth "no scanline" effect. We offer a 3-day inspection period on all sales, during which time you may return the item for a refund of the purchase price, not including shipping. Finally, if you select the two-year lens warranty, you'll get additional protection from Consumer Priority Service "CPS". The two-year warranty will take effect after our day warranty ends. Click the link below for all the details:. Camera Systems. Why Stock Photos? Camera Systems Lighting. All items used unless otherwise noted. This product is not currently available for purchase. The Pixelstick Creative Lens Pack Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a milky rounded diffuser for buttery smooth "no scanline" effect. Are we out of stock? If you don't see exactly what you're looking for and that makes you sad, please give us a shout. We might have good news for you. Here's a link to our contact form. Click the link below for all the details: Extended Warranty Details. This product is a specific, one-of-a-kind item with photos and a description of its unique condition and quality. Got it!


Combine custom artwork with long exposure to create stunning photographs. Load any image onto it from an SD card, walk pixelstick through a long exposure and watch as your artwork appears suspended in mid-air, reflected on water, or wrapped around trees. The creative possibilies are endless! Still not sure what it does? Learn more! Kit includes padded carry bag, spin handle, battery cable, and 13 built-in images to get you started. Scroll down for accessories! Allows you to fire pixelstick remotely. A great upgrade that's especially useful when capturing timelapse animations which require more precise speed and timing. A great upgrade that is especially useful when capturing timelapse animations which require more precise speed and timing. Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a milky rounded diffuser for buttery smooth "no scanline" effect. Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a rounded diffuser for extra smoothness in photorealism. Some content used with permission. Thank you for reading this humble copyright message. Have a nice day! Spring Sale! Happy Shooting! Toggle navigation. Add to cart. Add to cart Combine custom artwork with long exposure to create stunning photographs. Add to cart Allows you to fire pixelstick remotely. Creative Lens Pack - Unavailable Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a milky rounded diffuser for buttery smooth "no scanline" effect. Out of Stock. Out of Stock Two additional lenses for pixelstick - a clear lens for maximum brightness and sharpness, and a rounded diffuser for extra smoothness in photorealism.

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Pixelstick creative lens pack
Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. The Pixel Stick is an computerized piece of light painting genius that will allow you to create just about anything your creative little brain can dream up. The Pixelstick is a small miracle to the world of stop motion and light painting animation. What if creating the illusion of a ghost walking next to you was as simple as waving a light stick in front of a camera? Pixelstick is a new light painting tool developed by Brooklyn-based Bitbangerlabs, that allows anyone to create incredible images with the aid of a camera set to take long exposure photographs. Capable of reading images created in any image editing software, the digital light rod displays the desired image a line at a time, letting you create visuals in real world settings that can feature anything from floating graffiti to video game characters, blinking heads or brilliant swirls of color. The pixelstick is a light bar with multi-colored LEDs to record light traces or images on photos with long exposure. This opens up completely new creative possibilities in the field of Light Paintings painting with lightto breathtaking animations in combination with time-lapse Timelapse. All you need is the pixels stick and a camera with a slow shutter mode Bulb Mode. The Pixel Stick consists of RGB LEDs, which are housed in a lightweight but very sturdy aluminum housing with cm length, are mounted on the additional controller, a battery pack and a holding bar. The controller is used to read the pattern, graphics or photos from an SD memory card, which are then displayed in succession in vertical lines from the LEDs of the pixels stick. For mobile use can be the pixels stick divided into two halves, which he can then be easily transported in the bag supplied. A real game-changer in the realm of light painting, the Pixelstick redefines the limits of the art; enabling the creation of unique and breath-taking images. The Pixelstick contains LEDs, each of which functions as a vertical pixel in your image. As you move the pixelstick, the LEDs change colour, painting pixels horizontally to create a swathe of bright patterning or a complete picture, which may be undulated, twisted and twirled as you desire. You could even create time-lapsed animated pieces. The only limits to creativity are the hours of darkness and the power of your own imagination! The mounted controller reads images from an SD card and displays them, one vertical line at a time, on the LEDs. Each LED corresponds to a pixel in the image. Load your SD card up with full colour, high fidelity images and watch pixelstick transform your long exposures forever. If you enjoying light painting, and want to really get creative with your long exposure photos, then the pixelstick is a fantastic way to enhance your photos.

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We use cookies on our site so you can place orders and to improve your experience. This looks set to change with the Pixelstick. Made possible through the funding platform Kickstarter back in Octoberthe Pixelstick appears to be a dream come true for any aspiring light-painting photographer without the technical wizardry to create a complicated light-painting tool for themselves. Each LED is able to produce any colour and flash on and off at particular speeds and colour sequences. These programmable LEDs allow the Pixelstick to paint colourful patterns and photoreal images, which are in turn captured with a camera through a long exposure. It is, however, straightforward to load your own pictures too. Pictures are displayed through the LED lights one vertical line at a time, with each light corresponding to a single pixel. Therefore, to prepare and maximise images for use with the Pixelstick, the width dimension of the flipped picture must be pixels, whatever the aspect ratio of the picture. Successful images taken using the Pixelstick rely largely on the appropriate choice of painted pattern or picture in relation to the surroundings. A long exposure is needed to capture the light patterns painted using the Pixelstick. For sharp pictures, the camera should be mounted on a sturdy tripod and triggered either using a self-timer option or, ideally, a wireless remote. Of course, the settings depend on the ambient light and the length of time needed to paint with the Pixelstick. Ultimately, if the light pattern is too bright or dark, adjusting either ISO or aperture appropriately will help you to get the correct exposure. Extending the shutter speed results in ambient light becoming brighter, not the light patterns created using the Pixelstick. The panel fits onto a handle that has a foam grip and a rotating sleeve can be added to it. This allows the user to easily spin the LED panel to create circular motion patterns. Eight AA batteries fit into a holder on the arm and, on a full charge, are claimed to provide power for multiple nights shooting. A cold shoe bracket is also found on the arm for the purpose of attaching a wireless remote, although a remote is not included with the Pixelstick as standard. Where the Pixelstick comes up trumps as a light-painting tool is its controller and interface. Furthermore, an image can be repeated several times, while the Increment setting allows different images to be displayed one after the other — a truly brilliant feature. To use just one half, the battery pack needs to be relocated on the panel with the controller. In practice, fluid movements of the full-length Pixelstick take time to master, so you should be prepared for several attempts at the same picture. It is, for example, easy to catch the Pixelstick on your leg while walking with the device, given its large size. Unfortunately, towards the end of this test, the bracket came loose and the Pixelstick fell off, which meant that I could not trust holding the Pixelstick by the handle alone. As for creating timelapse sequences, the process is pleasantly straightforward. Adjusting the start and end point incrementally in each picture — by a few inches at a time — creates a relatively smooth movement. I imagine with further development, a future Pixelstick could feature a more densely packed LED panel for high-resolution images, but there are always drawbacks to such developments such as device, for example, would no doubt be more power hungry. As things stand, I had three busy nights with the Pixelstick before the standard AA batteries ran out of power. When the batteries are low the brightness of the LEDs fades; for such a sophisticated device, I had hoped the output would be consistent until the battery life was zero. For its useable interface and functionality, the Pixelstick is a triumph. Crucially, the display is sufficiently bright and painting using patterns is a delight. The LEDs are each spaced apart by approximately 5mm, so when it comes to solid patterns and pictures each LED is discernible. At pixels over 1. A single job could more than pay for the Pixelstick. After achieving a first-class BA in Photography at the University of Creative Arts, Rochester, Tim has worked primarily as a wedding photographer and cameraman, but enjoys every kind of photography. Since Mayhe has worked for Amateur Photographer magazine as the Deputy Technical Editor, writing everything from camera reviews to advice on good photographic practices. Currently, he is freelancing in the photo industry. You can view more of his work here. Explore our regularly updated articles covering news, reviews, advice, interviews, features, competitions and buying guides.

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Pixelstick creative lens pack
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