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General electric t58 for sale

General electric t58 for sale

General Electric Co. This modification procures five CTA6 engines with metal shipping containers, interface harness and associated control hardware. This contract includes a three-year base period with no options. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U. This is a one-year base contract with four one-year option periods. Bids were solicited via the Internet with one received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Nov. Tags: CivilGeneral ElectricNews. Heli-One expects to begin offering this additional capability to customers in July Vector Aerospace www. See Full Story. General Electric, Lynn Mass. Work will be performed in Cherry Point, N. Work will be performed in Grand Rapids, Mich. Today, Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. Work will be performed in Lynn, Mass. General Electric Aviation, Lynn, Mass. General Electric, Lynn, Mass. Hamilton Sundstrand Corp. Work will be performed in Windsor Locks, Conn. GE Aviation has been selected by Sikorsky Aircraft as a member of a newly-formed team that is building a next-generation helicopter for evaluation by the U. The award will provide for the acquisition of exhaust pipes for the UH Blackhawk. One bid was solicited, with one bid received. The U. General Electric Engine Services, Inc. This program focused on operability testing for stall margins, engine vibration, and FADEC functions. The National Stock Numbers are and General-electric Page 1 of 1 1. Source: HeliHub. Vector celebrates 40 years of supporting T58 engines Vector Aerospace www. GE selected as engine supplier for S Raider GE Aviation has been selected by Sikorsky Aircraft as a member of a newly-formed team that is building a next-generation helicopter for evaluation by the U.

T58 plane

It was designed with an oversize compressor, surplus air was bled off and used to drive the air starter motor on many types of aircraft. Please note I have a number of these units for sale, consequently the pictures shown are probably not the actual engine for sale but they are all very similar. It is small, compact and perfect as a ground running project. There is quite a lot of information on the internet on removing the free power turbine and converting these units to provide thrust power. This is the military version of the Spey series and was used in the now decommissioned Nimrod MR2 aircraft. These engines are in fantastic condition, some with only a few hundred hours use. They sit in a phenomenally well engineered transport frame which makes moving them quite easy. The wheels of the frame retract allowing the frame to sit on rubber mounted skids. Each engine also comes with a MVP bag. We probably have the largest privately owned collection of Rolls Royce Gem engines available anywhere. These engines powered the famous Lynx helicopters. All engines can be seen running on our custom built test frame. We can also custom build Gem engine stands, fuel tanks, starters and control panels and have a full range of instruments available. We have just taken delivery of what again can be described as probably the largest private collection of Microturbo Saphir engines available. These engines were used as the air producer to start the main engines in both the Jaguar and Hawk aircrafts. After months of painstaking, head-scratching, chin-rubbing development work we have managed to convert the air producer into a fantastic little thrust producing engine. Everything has to be added to run the engine which is why there is such a price variance. A fantastic opportunity to acquire a genuine piece of aviation history. These engines produced the compressed air to start the Rolls Royce Spey engines and are absolutely ideal as a ground running hobby engine. Part Number: C We have several of these in stock. Product Name. Please enter the characters you see in the image below. An extremely collectable piece of aviation history. Price: POA. The engine comes complete with full log cards and maintenance records. You are welcome to visit and inspect the file records. See one of the engines running on the You Tube link below.

General electric t64

Over the years we've done a lot of unique, 'one off' custom projects powered by a variety of gas turbine engines. The power take off PTO is rated at hp currently drives a massive Hz generator. It's on its way to power a 15ft hovercraft. Tested and properly serviced, this GTP is ready to provide years of dependable service. After mounting the gas turbine in the hovercraft, an exhaust nozzle will be fabricated where the old heat exchanger provided cabin heat throughout the cabin of the warbird while on the ground. The old HZ generator housing will be 'gutted' and machined to hold the pulley cluster used to power the v-belts turning the hovercraft lift and propulsion fans. Stainless steel braided hoses, high temperature adel clamps and aircraft grade components are used for safety and reliability. Custom wiring harnesses designed to meet your specifications. An electrical connector is rebuilt for an aircraft engine Right. Several safety circuits were added to meet the clients requirements. A custom aircraft engine electrical harness is laid out and rebuilt for a gas turbine engine Left. All electrical connectors commonly called 'canon plugs' are rebuilt desoldered, tinned, new aircraft grade wires soldered in, and sealed with potting compound for Mil-Spec reliability. We provide custom gas turbine repair and installation services by the hour, or bid by the job. We also troubleshoot, repair, and install gas turbine engines. Here we're performing a 'hot section' inspection on a TGE gas turbine engine that powers a 29ft Sanger Alley Cat. Contact us if you'd like assistance with your gas turbine project. T58 Turbine parts are available. T starters are available. If you're working on a T turbine project you already know how difficult these are to find. We've sold lots of these to satisfied customers and still have a few more. These are brand new Mil-Spec. Contact us for any additional gas turbine engine parts you may be searching for. With a 3.


Bob Bornhofen was retired when he got into the aviation business, and had no aviation background. He wondered why he couldn't buy a personal jet, and in he decided to create one. Bornhofen has been funding much of the project out of his own pocket. To be marketed as a kit, the Twinjet has a pre-preg eglass composite airframe with carbon fiber control surfaces and empennage. The TwinJet was not certified because it uses two converted surplus GE-T58 military helicopter engines overhauled and zero-timed. The FJX-2 was going to be a new generation turbofan engine producing pounds of thrust. When delays occurred for that engine, Bob Bornhofen elected to use the T58 engines so he wouldn't slow the TwinJet development. Three planes have been put in the air. The first prototype was flight tested to about knots during a series of tests to determine if the aircraft had any major certification-related problems. Marverick Air had been founded by Bob Bornhofen in The company began to manufacture of the first Twinjet in Development has been delayed by loss of the prototype. Sauter la navigation Maverick TwinJet Bob Bornhofen was retired when he got into the aviation business, and had no aviation background. O distance to 50 ft m 2, ft Landing distance from 50 ft m ft. TwinJet Built Three planes have been put in the air. Prototype NTJ. Serial number : 1. NKT Serial number : 2. NVA Serial number : 3. Maverick Jets inc.

General electric t700

General electric t58 for sale
The General Electric T58 is an American turboshaft engine developed for helicopter use. First run init remained in production untilby which time some 6, units had been built. On July 1,it became the first turbine engine to gain FAA certification for civil helicopter use. First flight was on a modified Sikorsky HSS-1 inand civil certification for the CT variant was obtained two years later. A number of unusual features are incorporated into the T [3]. Two T58s, converted to turbojets by the removal of the power turbines, were used as the engines on the Maverick TwinJet The Carroll Shelby turbine cars entered in the Indianapolis race were powered by T58s. Data from [9] [10]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. March Retrieved on Archived from the original on ARAeS Jane's All the World's Aircraft General Electric aircraft engines. United States military gas turbine aircraft engine designation system. XA XA Categories : General Electric aircraft engines s turboshaft engines. Hidden categories: Pages with citations lacking titles Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Commons category link from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons has media related to General Electric T

T58 tank

They arrived at Le Bourget at hours, 1 June. The flight covered 4, miles Each helicopter had a crew of five. This record still stands. Both were lost in combat during the Vietnam War. The pilot, Captain Travis H. Scott, Jr. Hartzel later died of wounds. The co-pilot, Major Travis Wofford, was awarded the Air Force Cross and the Cheney Medal for his rescue of the crewmembers from the burning helicopter. Captain Scott was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross. The crew was rescued and the helicopter destroyed to prevent capture. The pararescueman, Technical Sergeant Donald G. He was awarded the Silver Star. Air Force, based on the CH-3C transport helicopter. The aircraft is flown by two pilots and the crew includes a flight mechanic and gunner. It has retractable tricycle landing gear and a rear cargo ramp. The rear landing gear retracts into a stub wing on the aft fuselage. The helicopter has an extendable inflight refueling boom. The HH-3E is 72 feet, 7 inches The main rotor has five blades and a diameter of 62 feet Each blade has a chord of 1 foot, 6. The main rotor turns at r. The advancing blade is on the right. The tail rotor also has five blades and has a diameter of 10 feet, 4 inches 3. The advancing blade is below the axis of rotation. The tail rotor turns 1, r. The HH-3E has an empty weight of 13, pounds 6, kilograms. The maximum gross weight is 22, pounds 10, kilograms. The main transmission is rated for 2, horsepower, maximum. The HH-3E has a cruise speed of miles per hour kilometers per hour at Sea Level, and a maximum speed of miles per hour kilometers per houralso at Sea Level. The service ceiling is 14, feet 4, meters. The HH-3E had a maximum range of miles 1, kilometers with external fuel tanks. Sikorsky built 14 HH-3Es. Sikorsky built a total of of the SR series. On a dark and stormy night in the Yellow Sea, between China and the Korean Peninsula, the foot 49 meter3, ton 2, Metric tons Taiwanese freighter Ta Lai ran aground. As 20 foot 6 meters waves battered the stranded ship, rocks punched through the hull. It was taking on water and sinking. Her crew of twenty-eight men were in danger.

Ge 701d engine

This Jet-Powered Toyota MR2 is thrust driven by twin 2 GE T58 turbine engineshas 4 fuel tankspower steeringpower brakesfire detectionfire suppressionrollover protection, self-starting and is very, very quick. We have taken the Toyota MR2 jet car to the salt flats twice, the first time it wanted to fly mph, but after adding the spoilers and air dam it stayed solid through mph with a lot more room to go. The Toyota MR2 jet car runs on Jet-A fuel, and will probably run on diesel fuel, but we have not tried it. We believe the Toyota MR2 jet car to be street legal except for a somewhat excessive noise level. The jet car is thrust only and it has no reverse. The tires are rated at mph, heavy-duty brakes with slotted discs, and includes an intercom and mike and earpiece for your helmet. The Toyota MR2 Jet Car is equipped with a drag chute but we have never needed it — air intakes are on the sides and top of the engine cover, no compressor stall thru mph, for fast and salt flats running a modified engine cover is put on it to take the air off the top of the roof to supply more air and keep salt out of turbines. The T58 series is a free-power, axial-flow turboshaft engine. The compressor has 10 stages with variable inlet guide vanes and variable stators on the first three rows. The compressor has a compression ratio of 8. The combustion chamber is of the annular design. The compressor rotor rear shaft is made from Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel. Two turbines drive the compressor, and one turbine drives the load through the rear output shaft at 19, rpm. This high-reliability turbo-shaft engine was designed specifically for powering helicopters. Initial development began inwith the first T58 engine tested on a modified HSS-1 helicopter in T production ended in with over 6, engines produced. Designed of the free turbine principle the Gas Generator and Power Turbine sections are not coupled. The engine weighs approximately lbs and produces between and shaft horsepower depending on the exact T58 model and what agency designated the power rating. Specific fuel consumption is 0. This high power-to-weight ratio, together with its compact size, makes the T58 engine an ideal power plant for a Toyota MR2. The T58 gas generator produces approximately horsepower, of which about to horsepower is available at the power turbine. Nearly two-thirds of the total gas generator output approximately horsepower is required to sustain engine operation. Specific fuel consumption at max power; 0. Follow Us on Flipboard. Hot Rod Lifestyle. Technical Info. January 21, Roadkill Customs Technical Info. Includes Speedometer Error Calculator. Play with specs, try different settings and combinations, compare results… [More…]. Number of turbine stages; 2 low pressure,1 high pressure.

T700 engine cross section

General electric t58 for sale
The small car was in good condition (Ford Focus). Great service, great suggestions. The map outlined and prepared for us was great, along with ideas and suggestions for each day. It was just enough. Thank you VERY MUCH. Guides on our tours were informative, interesting, and very easy to talk to with good senses of humor. Pick up times were prompt. The hotel was great and accomidating. The trip and services were outstanding. We loved Iceland and found the Icelanders to be extremely friendly people. I want to thank Cecilia, she was wonderful. The trip was amazing, we had no problems while travelling and the hotel selection was good. She did a great job. The staff at the Oslo Clarion Royal Christiana were amazing. My husband got sick during the trip and they went out of the way to make sure he felt better. Great choice of hotel. I wanted to go to Iceland and was going by myself. Figured I'd book a tour, seemed easiest. Found Nordic Visitor and thought, "looks good. Nordic Visitor did everything. Booked my airport transfers, booked my hotels, provided tour guide, everything. I literally just had to show up. The tour group was nice and small, perfect. The tour guide was super knowledgeable and would provide lots of little tidbits of info. Part of the tour was to try and see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating the days we were on the tour. How A Gas Turbine Eninge Works, Bell 206 Helicopter

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