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Farsi phrases funny

Farsi phrases funny

Translating idioms and sayings into other languages is always an exercise in humor- often, you've repeated them so many times without thinking about what is literally being said. We decided to make a list of the 11 funniest Persian sayings and translate them literally into English, along with a photo accompaniment of their literal meanings. Try to take a guess at what they actually mean before reading the explanations below. You'll hear adults saying this to kids all the time especially while pinching their cheeks. It's also used when someone says something adorable- but beware, sometimes it could be used in a slightly demeaning way, or to belittle someone. The equivalent is if an adult says something in English, and another adult answers back 'Oh, you're so cute! Though it literally means 'the poison of a snake,' this phrase means 'Shut up! This is another endearing statement in the Persian language, and means something along the lines of 'I love you' or 'I'll do anything for you. It's a way of expressing some intense love. Although literally meaning I have your weather or air, this statement is the Persian equivalent of the English 'I have your back. Similar to 'I want to eat your liver,' one of the most loving terms of endearment you can direct to someone is to tell them you that they are your liver. While this may not sound romantic in English, it has quite an effect in the Persian language. Although this saying literally means 'salty', it has the opposite meaning of what you might think. Conversely, bee namak refers to a humorless, dry person. Although this is an extreme saying, it is used quite frequently in the Persian language. It literally means 'I would like to be sacrificed for you', but is used simply as a term of affection. This Persian phrase is used to mean 'they tricked me'. This is a very common Iranian saying, and it means 'You were missed'. Anytime you speak of an event that was very enjoyable, but the person you are talking to was not present, you are obligated to tell them that they were missed in the situation. This way, they know you were thinking of them, and that it would have been better if they'd been there. Although it doesn't literally mean 'I ate the ground', khordan can be used either to mean 'to hit' OR 'to eat'. This phrase is used to signify 'I fell to the ground' or 'I fell down'.

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For long sentences, however, you might end up with some weird or funny collection of words. Here, we have prepared you a quick list which you might want to bookmark for your future use! Read also : Customs in Iran. How are you? Esmet Chie? How old are you? Chand Salete? Do you speak English? Englisi Baladi? Where is the toilet? Dastshoyi Kojast? Can I look at the menu, please? Mishe menu ro bebinam lotfan? Experience Iran like a local with excursions designed by local guides. See 1stQuest and check out most amazing experiences you could ever have in each city at great rates. How much is this? Gheimatesh chande? Can I have a bag? Kise darid? Can you show me on the map? Mishe ruye naghshe neshunam bedi? Can I use your phone? Mitunam az telephonetun estefade konam? Every moment that to love thou givest thy heart is a happy moment, In the right work, need of praying to God to be directed aright is none. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tip to the Trip. Numbers in Farsi. Hafiz, one of the greatest poets in Iran. Where to Sleep on Budget in Iran? Leave a comment. FAQ How do you say greetings in Farsi? Where is Farsi spoken? Shab bekheir means: good night What does my love mean in Farsi? It means Eshgham in Farsi. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check out our Instagram! No images found!

Farsi phrases romantic

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Funny in Farsi Quotes Showing of The more modest and impractical the kitchen, the more likely one will be invited to stay for a meal. Show me a fancy house with a top-of-the-line gourmet kitchen, and I'll show you a family that eats out a lot. As you grow older, you'll find that people of every religion think they're the best, but that's not true. There are good and bad people in every religion. Just because someone is Muslim, Jewish, or Christian doesn't mean a thing. You have to look and see what's in their hearts. That's the only thing that matters, and that's the only detail God cares about. Using nails that were too long, my father pierced the door, creating towel hooks on one side, medieval blinding devices on the other No matter how inconvenient a household malfunction might be, Kazem can always make it worse, for free. He remained an Iranian who loved his native country but who also believed in American ideals. He only said how sad it was that people so easily hate an entire population simply because of the actions of a few. And what a waste it is to hate, he always said. What a waste. We're told that beauty is on the inside and that who we are matters far more than what we look like. But could you please just put on this bikini and walk around on high heels so I can judge your inner beauty? Of course, we no longer own a set of china to pass down to our kids, but that's okay. Francois and I plan on giving our children something more valuable, the simple truth that the best way to go through life is to be a major donor of kindness. We'll tell them that it's possible to own a whole bunch of beautiful, valuable things and still be miserable. But sometimes just having a recipe for chocolate Bunt cake can make a person far, far happier. Dreams are also fair game. I often get phone calls with detailed descriptions of a dream, followed by "So naturally, I had to call to make sure you were okay and there wasn't a reason why I dreamed of you trapped in a canoe with a blue turtle. It's like adding a few new spices to the kitchen pantry.

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To him, America was a place where anyone, no matter how humble his background, could become an important person. It was a kind and orderly nation full of clean bathrooms, a land where traffic laws were obeyed and where whales jumped through hoops. It was the Promised Land. For me, it was where I could buy more outfits for Barbie. The problem was that my mother, like most women of her generation, had been only briefly educated. In her era, a girl's sole purpose in life was to find a husband. Having an education ranked far below more desirable attributes such as the ability to serve tea or prepare baklava. He and his siblings survived through teamwork, and now, even though they are well into their seventies and have many kids and grandkids, they remain the central players in one another's lives. They have supported one another through deaths and illnesses and rejoiced in one another's good fortune. Because we were new to this country we were impressed not just by the big attractions but also by the little things—smiling employees, clean bathrooms, and clear signage. Our ability to be impressed by the large selection of key chains at the souvenir shops guaranteed that every place we saw delighted us. I had no idea where the screamer was from, but I knew he wasn't Iranian. A gerbil would never mistake a hamster for a gerbil, and I would never mistake a non-Iranian for an Iranian. Despite the belief of most Westerners that all Middle Easterners look alike, we can pick each other out of a crowd as easily as my Japanese friends pick out their own from a crowd of Asians. When my parents and I get together today, we often talk about our first year in America. Even though thirty years have passed, our memories have not faded. We remember the kindness more than ever, knowing that our relatives who immigrated to this country after the Iranian Revolution did not encounter the same America. These Americans felt that they knew all about Iran and its people, and they had no questions, just opinions. My relatives did not think Americans were very kind. Have you noticed how all the recent serial killers have been Americans? I won't hold it against you. Everywhere I went, I saw the same carved coconuts, the same seashell frames, and the same hats, all made in the Philippines. I tried to hang loose, but Waikiki felt more like 7-Eleven-by-the-Sea.

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Farsi phrases funny
These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. But although "land of the free" refers to the essential freedoms that make this country the greatest democracy on earth, it could also refer to the abundance of free samples available throughout this great land. In our homeland, people who taste something before they buy it are called shoplifters. Here, a person can taste something, not buy it and still have the clerk wish him a nice day. Whilst drawing a comparison between the freedoms afforded citizens in America and the complete lack of freedom in Iran, Firoozeh is also introducing the reader to one of her father's favorite pastimes - getting things for free. On one occasion he and his brother went to lunch at a grocery store with no cafeteria but aisle upon aisle of free samples. Her father will enjoy foods he would never normally choose or finish because they are free. This passion for the freebie develops into a full blown hobby when he retires as he begins attending sales pitches for timeshares, enjoying the free trips and dinners offered by companies without any intention of buying a timeshare. The ability to get something free as a consumer right is one of the things Kazeem loves best about America. Marriage, in my culture, has nothing to so with romance. It's a matter of logic. On the other hand, if the parents don't like each other, but the children do, well, this is where sad poetry comes from. Firoozeh highlights another major difference between her Arab culture and her new American culture; here, love comes first and marriage follows, but there, marriage comes first and if one is lucky love comes afterwards, but even if it does not it doesn't affect whether the couple should be married. Iranian marriage is more of a transaction than a union. This method of meeting your spouse was not imposed on Firoozeh whose parents were happy for her to choose her own husband, welcoming into the family with open arms and an enormous Persian meal. My marriage started out with a big, fat lie: I told my parents that Francois's family was happy about our engagement. I had to. In the Iranian culture, fathers will consent to a marriage only if the future groom and his family worship the bride. There's no getting around this detail. If there is any problem with the groom's family, forget it. Engagement off. Moving on to the next suitor. This quote throws up some interesting paradoxes, the first being that although she is American and entitled as an adult to marry whom she chooses, Firoozeh would not be able to marry from a cultural perspective without her father's consent. The other paradox is that whilst women are controlled and have less freedom than men, they are to be worshiped and put on a pedestal. It is ironic that Firoozeh was completely accepted by her new country it was the French family of her French husband who did not accept her because of her heritage. An adult narrator can add mature context to her character even if she is a child.

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We were a bit surprised about the prices of the food. It reminded us of the prices in the New York metro area where we live so it was not too much of a sticker shock for us, it may be for people visiting from more rural areas. The people were very friendly and courteous. We were truly pleased with every experience we had in Iceland. I basically have already written above about what a wonderful experience our trip in Iceland was. I also would like to add that the "Itinerary, Highlights, and Useful Info" booklet was worth it's weight in gold. We used it as our bible. We really enjoyed learning the Icelandic language as well with the helpful guide in the book. We will tell all our friends. We will definitely plan to use Nordic traveler again some day in the future when we plan to visit some of the other countries that they service. Phenomenal trip, the memories will last us a lifetime!. The organisation of the trip was perfect, stress free and perfectly pitched. The variety of guest houses was excellent, the tour suggestions relevant and gave us a wonderful snapshot of Iceland. I will definitely use Nordic Visitor again and I can't think of a higher recommendation. We loved our self guided tour organised by Nordic Visitor and was a wonderful way to spend our honeymoon. The flexibility to add an extra day into our tour made a big difference to us. We would definitely recommend any friends visiting the Nordic nations to look at using Nordic Visitor services. Everything was absolutely amazing - we feel so fortunate to have had Solveig arrange everything so beautifully for our honeymoon. All the places we stayed were great (especially Frost and Fire in Hvergerdi, Hotel Helnar in Helnar, and Hofstaddir Guesthouse). All aspects of the trip, from start to finish, were very smooth and we felt we were in very good hands. Thank you for such an amazing trip. We will definitely book with you again - it was a seamless, easy, relaxing way to enjoy lovely Iceland. You made everything so smooth that we could just enjoy the trip. Thanks a million, Solveig. I usually plan our trips but decided to use Nordic Visitor due to the great reviews on TripAdvisor. Nordic Visitor greatly exceeded all of our expectations. Would highly recommend Nordic Visitor. Could not have planned a better trip myself. I was very impressed with the work put in to the travel maps and details of what to see, where to eat and general information of what to expect on a self-drive holiday. Having contact with Anita via emails during our holiday helped make us not feel isolated. NV obviously has put a lot of forethought into making a self-drive holiday in Iceland not feel so daunting. This is the first time that we have used a tour company to book a trip and were nervous about the process. It work very well and we were thrilled. Having someone else do what I consider the stressful part of any trip, making hotel reservations, was so wonderful and made the whole trip more enjoyable. Great service despite a last minute booking by us. This was much appreciated. Everything about the tour was well thought out and considered and made our stay very enjoyable. Thank you for help us to have an absolutely amazing time in Norway.

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Kips I suppose most books are just as boring for you. John Hinnegan I was the same way. Gonzague Dambricourt whats frustrating is. Like the free digital copy of a movie that you get when you buy the actual DVD belgand As long as you redeem it within a few months after the initial release date. Timaree Drat, I just got a kindle this Christmas. TinyVox Time counts too. Wilbur Four data points is a slam dunk. You should make zillions on the market!. Fred Oliveira Wilbur: first of all, allow me to congratulate you for the brilliant, witty, and glorious remark. David C Dean Relax, he made a reasonable and valid point. I have the same idea wondering how much they are willing to pay. Nancy I hope this forecast true. Brian They could give the unionized printers free Kindles AFP BRILLIANT. Makes sense to me. Dsawyer They need a family sharing plan with the books. AJACs Set up a specific account just for kindle books and register all your purchases with that account. Tabretro I wonder if that will extend to Prime customers of non-US stores. Iria00 This idea of giving Prime members free Kindles was actually first theorized in Feb. Nerb If the argument was compelling, why would you disagree with it. Here is why: Amazon will probably give Kindles away to encourage people to buy eBooks. Librulcarmelite Yes, this is something that is firmly of the LAST century. Gavin removing the barrier to entry, creating lock in. Librulcarmelite Especially when you buy that iProduct used!!. Travel is one situation in which the Kindle excels, and where the multiple books argument works. On the other hand, the ability to quote and make notes as you read is wonderful. Caveat Emptor What about another possibility. Rochelle MacDonald Mine is free in that I have the Kindle app for iPad. Librulcarmelite I too use the iPad Kindle app and the nook app and the stanza app and the iBooks app and the app for my local libraries I am now a bibliophile of both the print and ebook type. Jen I would love a free Kindle. Antriksh Yadav And you had to write this just after I purchased my new Kindle I am typing this on. See: Apple Yo Silly me. Will Brown It would be yet another incentive for people to sign up for Amazon Prime. Carolyn Nicander Mohr Makes me proud to be an Amazon Prime member. Fingers crossed this prediction is accurate. Steven Appenzeller Perhaps the direction Amazon could take in providing free, or at least below cost, hardware would be to enhance its capabilities to purchase more than just e-books. Myeachia i want i kindal so bad im dying to get one Terencehughes So much for being an early adopter. Dafjji according to that chart, the kindle should currently cost 40 USD. I woudl think the Shinobi (that T5 Japanese one you mention) will come back with the release of a new Japan line. Either way, you'll likely see the T34 Indy at the 4th of July again and some sick bundles around Xmas time. I imagine we'll see a whole lot of cool new premiums this year too, there are 3 in a GenericMike post now you can look at.

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Farsi phrases funny
Instagram Insights from the Instagram app provides data such as impressions, exits, and replies, which you can use to tell better stories. For example, our story on creating a custom graphic within Canva received more impressions than other recent stories, and our Instagram Stories takeover by HubSpot on productivity tips received more replies than other recent stories. We can also dive into a particular story: Most people exited our video marketing stats story at the first photo so perhaps we could work on the headline for the next story. What does your Instagram Stories data tell you. Is there a type of stories that tends to do better than the rest. Is there a common point when most of your followers exit your stories. Since Instagram allows only one link (in the bio), marketers would usually have a call-to-action (CTA) in their Instagram posts to direct followers to the link in their bio. You could change your CTA on a weekly basis and see if the number of website clicks increases. As a refresher, website clicks are the number of taps on the link in your bio. Alternatively, you could use Bitly or similar link shorteners with tracking capabilities for the link in your bio to track the number of clicks. With the wealth of data available to us marketers through the numerous Instagram analytics tools, we can be more data-driven with our Instagram marketing than ever before. Combined with our understanding of our followers, these Instagram insights can enable us to create more valuable and engaging content for our audience. How have you been measuring your Instagram metrics. How have you been using your Instagram insights to improve your Instagram marketing. I swim, cycle, and run a lot. It is incredibly exhaustive. Analytics is always a hard nut to crack, and you never know every details. Have you ever tried Metricool. Metricool is a social media analytics tool. Let me know if we can help tracking your Instagram performance or building your social media insights reports. Thank you for including Union Metrics free Instagram account checkup in this especially sharing your results. I just signed up for a few more analytics platforms based on your suggestions. There were times when I chanced upon an old Instagram post and the link in bio was no longer the one mentioned in that post (as it had been updated). So this is great. Thanks for sharing this tool. Curious if a spreadsheet might work for this. Another area for analytics and insights with Instagram (maybe future article. The Instagram API is somewhat limited in the the type of insights data available. For example, Instagram does not provide reach or any type of date dimension for its API data. Data via the API is effectively lifetime metrics. Anyone other than Instagram providing detailed daily metrics is deriving activity, not explicity pulling activity for a specific date from the API. Hopefully Instagram will be updating the API to provide more explicit insights data. Something closer to what Facebook does for page insights would be great. Clearly that data exists somewhere within Instagram because as you point out Instagram Business Analytics UI provides information that is not currently available via API. Types of Persian Girls at the Gym

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